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Our highly-acclaimed Saag Punjabi has an impressive history. This infamous leaf-based dish made up of mainly spinach, originates from the region of Punjab, but also eaten in Nepal, the North of India – and of course it is popular among the inhabitants of… Walsall, UK!

Saag’s history links it to vibrant green vegetables such as spinach, mustard leaves, finely chopped broccoli or other greeneries… but the main element of the dish is the added spices. We have our own top-secret spin on Saag which includes Chef Rashpal’s signature spices… I mean we’d love to share them with you… but these secrets are locked away in Rashpal’s cupboard!

Some background about our Saag…

Our specialty Saag Punjabi won the 2012 Birmingham Airport Hello Curry competition which represented as Birmingham’s signature curry dish! The love for this dish and it’s notoriety among diners has now made it one of the most popular dish ordered at our Walsall restaurant. It’s addictive flavour and vibrant colour is something that can send you senseless for Saag!

Five Rivers Saag

Why Choose our Saag Punjabi?

But why should you choose Saag Punjabi amongst a line-up of so many stunning dishes on our Indian À la Carte menu?… Not only is this dish full of tasty flavours but it has multiple health benefits! Thanks to one of the key ingredients, mustard leaves, the dish is incredibly healthy, packed with vast amounts of minerals and vitamins and has very few calories! Who said Indian food can’t be indulgent and healthy at the same time?!

With all these reasons combined… what’s stopping you from visiting our fine-dining restaurant and ordering the Saag to try for yourself!

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