World Bartender Day

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A Q&A with Five Rivers Bar Manager Jason Roe.

World Bartender Day takes place annually on 24th February and is a time to notice bartenders worldwide for their hard work and creative mixology! We’re taking this opportunity to feature our very own bar manager Jason, who has ‘shaken & stirred’ his way to becoming the face of the Five Rivers bar!

What’s your favourite tipple?

A: “My favourite would have to be Jack Daniels, a barman’s classic tipple.”

What’s your favourite concoction on the Five Rivers menu?Cocktails in Walsall

A: “The black raspberry and red berry sling, the flavour connection between the Chambord and the red berry Cîroc makes it taste amazing and it’s decorated beautifully.”

Describe yourself as a cocktail from the FR cocktail menu

A: “Passionately margarita – the key is in the name!”

What do you love about managing the Five Rivers bar?

A: “Seeing the reaction of a guest when on of my cocktails gets to the table.”

What’s the strangest concoction a guest has asked you to make?

A: “I had a guest ask me for a mojito with no ice before which is strange if you know what goes in them.”

Do you have your own ‘stamp’ on drinks? How do you make them your own?Cocktails in Walsall

A: “I think the way I decorate the drinks makes them more personal my use of edible glitter and making ice bowls for certain drinks really make them unique.”

For would-be bartenders who are passionate about drinks and looking to get into the game, what’s your top advice?

A: “The best advice I could give is stay calm do your best not to get overwhelmed and remember even the best of us break glasses. a lot.”

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