World Vegetarian Day

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World Vegetarian Day takes place annually on October 1st worldwide! The day celebrates vegetarianism and highlights its benefits for your health and for the environment. With summer finally flowing into Autumn, so many delicious vegetables are currently in season…the perfect ingredients for a hearty curry!

Eating vegetarian at Five Rivers

Here at Five Rivers À la Carte we are encouraging all of our wonderful Walsall diners to try the #VegPledge and turn vegetarian for the day! Whether you’re a meat lover, pescatarian, vegan or none of the above, you can get involved in this celebration by being mindful with your food choices.

With a host of delectable veggie dishes on our Indian menu we are certainly a great choice for any diners trialling a new vegetarian diet, with a hint of flavour and spice!

Diners can enjoy an eclectic mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes at Five Rivers, which is synonymous with Indian culture. It is popular belief that India is predominantly vegetarian, however a large percentage of people are actually omnivorous!

Great Vegetarian Taste

A common misconception with vegetarian food amongst meat-eaters is that it lacks substance or flavour, however we challenge you to dine veggie at Five Rivers and not leave wanting more! Our extensive menu of dishes means that you will not have limited options and most definitely won’t compromise on flavour.

You can’t visit Five Rivers and miss out on our award-winning Saag Punjabi, this highly-acclaimed vegetarian dish has been relished by the likes of President Bill Clinton! The recipe itself is infused with the rich heritage of Punjab, making it one of the most loved dishes to date.

So, if you’re planning on skipping the meat this World Vegetarian Day, we welcome you to our Midlands based restaurant where vegetarian menu options won’t go amiss!

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