National Vegetarian Week – Top tips on ditching the meat!

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Top tips on ditching the meat and taking the veggie plunge!


1. Don’t become an overnight veggie

Vegetarianism isn’t a fad diet requiring a sudden switch or shock to the system. The best way to successfully transition to being fully veggie is to gradually ditch the meat. Slow and steady wins the race, you should allow your body to adjust to your new lifestyle. Reducing your meat consumption even by just a few days out of the week is proven to do great things for your health and the environment, so give it a shot!

2. Does meat make up the majority of your meals? Do not fear Quorn is here!

Racking your brains as to how you will cope eating a plate of spinach for the rest of your life? Do not panic! There are so many options in today’s market that making the veggie switch is not as hard as you think. Mock meats and meat alternatives are a great way to still feel like you’re eating the real thing… with no animals harmed in the process! Bonus! Try Quorn chicken pieces in your curries, or Linda McCartney sausages on your fry up, you will be shocked at how realistic these veggie alternatives are.

3. Do your homework

Before making your decision, why not opt for the vegetarian option at your local restaurant? Get a feel for what’s on offer and stack up on recipes that you could make at home. Stuck for where to eat? Join us at Five Rivers A La Carte where veggies and vegans are always welcome and duly catered for. Why not try our award-winning Saag Punjabi? A dish that is famous for its flavour and signature spices enjoyed by vegetarians and meat-eaters alike!

4. Reach out to your locals

When you start researching about vegetarianism, you will unlock a whole new community you never knew existed! Type the place where you live, followed by ‘vegetarians’ into Facebook and there will more than likely be a local community group that you can join. These groups are super useful offering tips, inspiration, recipes, restaurant recommendations, local events and meetups that you can attend to meet new people and get further encouragement.

Book your vegetarian meal out

If you’ve decided you’re going to take the veggie plunge this National Vegetarian Week, why not book your first vegetarian dining experience with us at Five Rivers? Our menu is laden with flavoursome veggie dishes cooked to perfection in Chef Rashpal’s signature spices. All you have to do is call us on 01922 646 164 or email to book your table.

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